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If you love to learn then you have come to the right place. Codehump.com was made for individuals to learn how to code with simple step by step programs in order to learn the basics of Java, Python and SQL. With this site new java programs, python programs and SQL will be posted weekly for your viewing pleasure. This site will provide some coding tutorials with real tips that can help in your coding endeavors. I also post videos on my YouTube Channel weekly so make sure to check those out at www.YouTube.com/arsenioscott

I have a bit of experience coding with many languages, but python, java and SQL are ones that I really enjoy discussing, I am still learning these languages and there is always something new to explore and share within these high-level programming languages. I have always had a love for computers and understanding how to create programs that help users can enjoy if my motivation to continue my education and studies. If you enjoy my content please subscribe to my YouTube page to ensure you are getting the latest programs for you viewing pleasure https://www.youtube.com/arsenioscott?sub_confirmation=1

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