How To Create A Python Fortune Telling Program

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How to create a python fortune-telling program

This is a Python 3 tutorial for creating a fortune teller program or cootie catcher program whichever you prefer. Python is a good beginner program language for anyone to learn because it has so many applications in the real world. Learn python today. In this tutorial, I utilized the lightweight integrated development environment (IDE) Geany. 

First I downloaded Virtual Box and then installed Kali and after installing Kali, I then installed the Geany IDE. To start off this tutorial after opening up the Geany IDE I usually always get started with a comment about what the program that I am building is. By using the # key you are able to then create this comment in Python

# This is a simple fortune teller program or Cootie Catcher Program


After the comment, I would usually then import the functions that I would utilize within the program. In this program, I will be utilizing random and time functions.

import random

import time

Next, I will initialize our variable x to 1 then follow that up with a while loop.


The while loop continues to execute as long as the value of x is equal to 1.
while x ==1:
              numbers = int(input("Pick a number between 1 and 4: "))
              if numbers == 1:
                             print("Ahhh individuals whom pick 1 are very intelligent and personable")
              elif numbers == 2:
                             print("people who pick the number 2 are strong minded!")

              sel = input("Pick your favorite color: ")

The code above is just a sample of what this code would look like below I have created a tutorial to help better explain this python program and its many functions.

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