Great Ways To Learn How To Start Coding

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Good Places To Get Help When Learning How To Code

There are many places to learn how to do many things not only code, and today in this article I will list some of the things that I have used to gain some needed knowledge and experience in learning how to code utilizing high-level programming languages such as java. Here is my list of resources. 

There are tons of tutorials on the YouTube platform. This video resource is helpful because you can get video tutorials on coding in many languages. Another helpful thing is the ability to pause videos and return to something you may not have caught onto immediately. Thousands of tutorials guide users throughout their coding experiences with step-by-step tutorials and explain very well as they go. While going to school may provide some fundamental skills in programming YouTube can be an invaluable resource, especially because this is a free resource. 

 Learning to code in a school environment is fantastic because you can work with others to maybe grasp better the material being learned as well as to get direct information from the professor when things may not be as clear, however from my experience learning in a school environment may not be for everyone. Many times things can feel rushed, especially if coding is new for individuals. Professors can speed through topics, which can have a detrimental impact on the ability of new coders to learn any coding language. So as I have mentioned several times this is a good reason YouTube is great for listening and viewing lessons as often as you like to get the information you need. Check out some Youtube tutorials here.

Udemy provides some awesome courses that allow users to go through lessons at their own pace. Users can also contact the teacher of the course for more information about the course and maybe if users are having trouble understanding the information within the course. Udemy has been extremely helpful for me because of the step-by-step directions the teachers of these courses provide. 

Although these courses cost money Udemy often has sales that are great to provide users the opportunity to take courses at low prices to at least give this platform a try to see if there are any courses that an individual may be interested in taking to further their knowledge. Check out this new customer special to get started! New customer offer! Top courses from $14.99 when you first visit Udemy

Top online courses in Programming Languages

  • Books 

While taking many programming courses throughout the years, I have read many books to gain more knowledge about coding correctly. Books can be a great tool for coders. It is important to make notes throughout the books to ensure that the specific coding help for different methods is marked so that you are able to easily find what you are looking for throughout the text. I have provided links to books I have read over the years to help me learn how to program.

Intro to Java Programming is great for any level when learning to code correctly.

Introduction to Java Problem Solving is also a solid book to get going. 

Python Crash Course is good for python learners. 

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